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As we are writing this, Donald Trump is clothed in his war regalia as he prepares for a battle with the judiciary, the press, the CIA and probably innocent Americans. The good news is that we have a powerful and high-ranking military officer who is not going to let Trump oppress the world.

Air Force Chief of Staff Dave Goldfein may not have called Trump out directly, but his words are pointed at the president. In his interview with the press, Goldfein didn’t spare words of wisdom that Trump should better listen to.

Earlier this week, President Trump aka ‘Orange Tyrant’ was at the MacDill Air Force Base to give his ridiculous and meaningless speeches. Imagine what he told the military officers who left what they should be doing to listen to him if they don’t like him, he is not going to like them.

Barely a day after the president made this comment; Goldfein apparently seemed to implicitly attack what the president said. He said that “This is a great opportunity to step back and remind ourselves and the American people of the oath we take as members of the military.”

Goldfein said that the oath they took and they always retake every time they were promoted was to defend and support the American Constitution against any enemy both in the domestic and foreign arena. By design, these military officers do not pledge to defend or support any leader or party because they are apolitical. The military is not too friendly with the president according to Goldfein, one day; the military may be protecting the people from Trump.

Goldfein indirectly criticized the disastrous raid in Yemen authorized by Trump, the assurance of Trump that the SEAL was going to have a field only pointed out that he was a local fish without the experience of swimming in the international waters.

One of the things that Goldfein is proud of is the fact that the military cannot lose sight that they go to war with their values. People who are critical of the efforts that the military undertakes each day to stop casualties are not aware of who the military are. Indeed, Goldfein is a true patriot who defends the real values of American. We are happy with the service that he is offering passionately to our country to ensure that our ideals are maintained.

It doesn’t look like the upper class of the military really like Trump. They have rejected the requested Trump made for the military to go for the fascist-style military parade for his Inauguration Day. Americans need patriots like Goldfein. It is time for each one of us to stand up.




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